Puff Dress DR2266
Puff Dress DR2266
Puff Dress DR2266
Puff Dress DR2266
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    Puff Dress DR2266


    COTTAGECLOTH Rework Collection

    Every cottage dream starts with one-of-a-kind items handpicked & handmade with upcycled cottage-influenced textiles such as tea towels, tapestry upholstery & broderie table-linen!

    Cottagecloth Babydoll Puff Dress

    Pit to Pit: 18"
    Length down: 31"
    Most fit S-L, but do check measurements for best fit.

    Colour: Cream base with pink detail
    *Material: Cotton Lace embroidery sheer
    *Elastic Sleeves

    Working with sustainably sourced vintage & textile waste materials means slight flaws are to be expected, major flaws will be highlighted in description or photos!


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