why did we come up with

our brain child

Repressed and reeling from the COVID years, we found ourselves lost and dejected by how tough those days were for our business. So we put all our angst together and decided a dark, grungy, angry new child had to be born on the streets of Haji Lane, where the bars were starting to get loud again, and behold, Superwasted was born!

get wasted, but don't
waste our planet away

The Superwasted Project redefines the concept of waste with a candid twist. At our core, we're all about flipping the script on waste – turning what's considered trash into something far from it. Those forgotten materials that others shrug off? Well, we're all over them, turning one person's trash into our treasure. With a good dose of creativity and innovation, we cook up fantastic products and spaces that break the waste mold. So, join us in this exciting journey where we redefine waste and transform it into pure awesomeness, one cool project at a time!

superwasted vs vintagewknd?

What's The Difference?

Superwasted is our little rebel concept brand just born in 2022 - originally nothing more than a post-covid experiment, she is now a full-fledged alien child that loves black and mirrors. Stocking lots of tiny tops, distressed jeans, cool-cool streetwear, not everyone likes her look but they love her attitude!

*TLDR: If you want to impress go to Vintagewknd, if you want to undress go to Superwasted 😋


Vintagewknd is our original brand, our first child, our forever muse, born during a time when everything about our brand was but a dream. Stocking our classic vintage curations & a wide array of our wonderful rework collections, she’s bright, colourful, reminds you of flowers & rainbows and everyone loves her! <3

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