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Embrace the styles of Now + Then with Vintagewknd!

Hello! We are Eileen + Eden from Vintagewknd!

Vintagewknd is the largest (wallet-friendly) vintage & rework store in Singapore, specialising in styling & creating sustainable fashion for the mass market. We stock original & re-worked vintage pieces in a huge variety of styles from 50s-Y2K eras. We're proud to say our items bring joy to people of all ages, sizes, genders, in a variety of different aesthetics!

If you’ve followed us for a while, thank you so much for supporting us over the years!
If you’re new here, WELCOME!!!

Our journey started in 2016 with vintage - something we really liked and appreciated for the uniqueness that is inherent in vintage items, that one-of-a-kind factor, and the fact that it celebrates the life of an item from a bygone era! At that point of time, Eileen was working full-time as a digital marketing specialist in the Oil & Gas industry, and Eden was a full-time university student.



In 2019, we decided to pursue Vintagewknd full-time - which was super terrifying, but it also led us to discover a wonderful team and also explore more into reworking clothing from all the discarded materials we observed from sourcing vintage over the years!

When we first started, we curated items from independent vintage stores around the world. As the business grew, we started working more closely with garment production and waste facilities, which allowed us to see first-hand the vast amounts of waste generated by the fashion industry.

This inspired us to experiment with reworked items - items made from vintage, discarded & excess fabrics/materials from fashion production & waste, as a way to combat garment waste and prolong the lifespan of each item used, just like how we have done with original vintage pieces.

Our items and materials are currently sourced from garment waste & production facilities - meaning we buy the discarded, excess, deadstock, secondhand items and materials to do rework with! Working with existing materials presents lots of issues - we have to get creative with what we can do with whatever we can get! A big part of our shift to making rework is our goal of becoming a sustainable brand that is a direct alternative in terms of style & affordability compared with fast fashion brands!



Over the years, we hope to have made an impact in the local fashion & shopping scene especially amongst the youth and young adults, influencing consumers to make the change from fast fashion to homegrown, sustainably made brands. We’re also constantly working on inclusivity, through expanding size ranges, aesthetics and styling to fully cater to the widest audience possible.
We’re committed to expanding our brand and being an example of how sustainably made items need not only be for a niche audience or costly, but are an amazing alternative to fast fashion that helps to conserve the environment we live in!

Our goal is to be that sustainable alternative to fast fashion, and creating an inclusive brand that influences & provides affordable options for anyone to enjoy sustainable fashion, by only using upcycled and vintage items in our production to create our collections. We’re continually working to grow our brand and continue re-homing and re-imagining as many garments as possible!

Shop our collections here on our website, on our Instagram Live Sales & at our periodic pop-up stores & warehouse events!

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Thank you so much for reading our story, and writing one with us!
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