Love, From Vintagewknd
To Our Planet Earth

Dedicated to sustainability, we prioritise using existing materials in our product creation to contribute to a greener future.
Our partnership with waste factories in neighbouring countries forms a closely-connected, localised impact in Southeast Asia. Every item we create is a blend of taste and waste, where discarded fabric is thoughtfully stitched together to craft unique pieces.

In our goals, we see the utilization of fabric scraps not as a limitation, but as an opportunity for creativity and innovation. Our team embraces the challenge of combining taste with waste, turning what some may consider discards into treasures. By carefully selecting and reimagining fabric scraps, we breathe new life into each piece, infusing them with character and charm.
Fashion's Environmental Impact

By now, everyone knows how toxic the fashion industry can be to the environment. The fashion industry generates over
100 BILLION products a year, where almost 25-30% of these products aren’t even sold. The production of textiles also generates up to 10% of global carbon emissions, is the 2nd largest industry consumer of water worldwide.

Sustainability in
the local scene

We’re based in Singapore, and while as a country we’re not known producers of textiles (and hence related waste), locally we’re still big on being green & creating a sustainable impact and future locally and internationally
- small island, big impact!

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!

We specifically focus on sourcing fabrics and clothing that have run their course in the regular market and repurpose these materials to make the cutest new things, extending the lifespan of every piece we create.

Our Team + Community

From a tiny home-based business run by just Eden & Eileen on the weekends, we now employ a small but dedicated team working on the brand together every single day in this new industry of sustainability. As an inclusive brand, we create the environment to not only accept but work with all types of people - the only criteria is passion!

We’ve always been huge on community - when we first started our brand, vintage & rework were concepts that were virtually unheard of in Singapore! As pioneers in the space, we treasure deeply our community with whom we’re grown up with, and we love hearing your feedback and creating things that you want.

Diversity & inclusivity to us are not just corporate buzzwords - we want to make sure we turn our beliefs into actions by celebrating people of all demographics and interests - from our products, to our team, to our feature models & collaborators, to our customers.

From the very beginning we’ve always strived to ensure that we’re always pushing boundaries towards being more inclusive than the status quo, and it can be seen clearly in every step of our work from our diverse range of product styles for all ages, sizes, social content, and the people who visit our stores.

Connecting with our customers is something we want to do always - that’s why we’re so crazy about our socials, connecting with people all over the world about our passion, sharing our stories and progress.
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