A Second Chance - Fashion Refabbed
古着文化看这里 • 衣衣不舍

Started as a resale platform, this local designer redesigns and refurbishes second-hand clothing, presenting retro clothing in a stylish and modern way. 起步于转售平台,小众品牌将二手服饰重新设计、翻新,让复古服饰以有型、具现代感的方式呈现给大众,带动本地古着文化!

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A Common Thread ft. Vintagewknd - Reconnect Generations

Our loved ones may be from different generations, but we can always find common threads between us. Watch how the vintage lovers at Vintagewknd reconnect with Grandma through their shared memories and passion for fashion.

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Go Green, Your Way!

Every action, no matter how small, paves the way for a greener Singapore. From turning off the lights when not in use, to reducing waste, or even opting for sustainable products, you have the power to choose. Go Green, Your Way!

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Their moves, their swag, THEY SLAYED👌🏼🔥 @troyesivan's Got Me Started song is so dancey, we can't help but to dance along with them🕺🏼

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"The Breakfast Show" Mind Your Business

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In this episode of Mind Your Business, founders of Singapore fashion brand, Eileen Tan, Co-Founder, VintageWknd & Eden Tay, Co-Founder, VintageWknd share their journey on whether they dove straight into their business or did they start small?

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