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[Capital 958 城市频道] Live Broadcast: 环抱环保


[Vulcan Post] This S’pore Couple Turned A Vintage Clothes Project Into An E-Store With 36K Items Sold

[联合早报 Lianhe Zaobao] 阿嫲领导时尚潮流 Eileen's Grandma leads fashion trends

[Youthopia] Making a career out of sustainable vintage clothing with Vintagewknd

[Nuyou] Celebrating SG Women - Eileen Tan

[ZULA] Y2K/2000s Fashion In Singapore


In this segment of ZULA Guides, the hosts will be seeking out hidden gems to shop at in Singapore. Be it unique places to thrift shop, or where to buy your next Chinese New Year OOTD, each ZULA Guides episode will have a different theme or be surrounding an occasion.

In this era of throwback fashion, trends from the 90s and early 00s are making a huge comeback. In this episode of ZULA Guides, Leah and Brenda explore 3 vastly different stores in Singapore to search for and style trendy Y2K pieces.

[Channel 8] 前线开讲 Frontline Connects: 推动环保 谁家的事? What can we do to save the environment?


Our earth is sick. Global warming, melting glaciers and rising sea levels cause anxiety. Most people understand that environment protection is crucial, but practicing it is another matter. Are our green initiatives lagging far behind European countries? Some says going green is costly and inconveniences life, is it really the case? How difficult is it to live a green life in Singapore? What can we do to save the environment?

[Suria] Manja S5 EP19 Manja Goes Vintage!


Manja goes vintage this week! Get fashion tips from Lydia Asyiqin and vintagewknd!

[Shout] 10 Day IG Experiment


[Hive Life] Long Live Vintage Clothing

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