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Vintage Denim Vest OT1457
Vintage Denim Vest OT1457
Vintage Denim Vest OT1457

    Vintage Denim Vest OT1457

    $29.90 $35.00

      All-season staple material = denim! One-of-a-kind vintage denim vests with unique embroidery details - these are handpicked and all super cute!!!!

      Vintage Denim Novelty Vest [RARE STOCK]

      - EMBROIDERY. ON. DENIM!!!!!!!
      - Ultra-unique, Phoebe-Buffay-from-FRIENDS vibes
      - Original vintage/90s denim embroidered novelty vests.
      - Handmade with care
      - Every piece is one-of-a-kind!

      Size Guide: Most of these denim vests are oversized and can fit a range of sizes from UK4-UK16. Larger vests can fit up to UK20! Some also feature ribbons at the back to cinch the waist! Do check measurements to ensure a good fit!

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      *Material: Denim

      OT1457 Blue Base w Floral Embroidery

      Pit To Pit: 21.5' | Down: 22'
      Shoulder: 16'

      Some of our items may have minor imperfections due to their nature as remade/repurposed/preowned vintage items, however we will always photograph and mention any major faults!